People who inspired me

Apl. Professor. Dr.-Ing. habil. Günter Baumbach

University of Stuttgart/IFK

I worked as a research assistant for Professor Baumbach. He is a great hardworking man and has a great spirit.

Professor Michael Melkonian

University of Cologne

He let me to work in his Lab, it was my first research experience in Germany. I didn’t do well but it was a great start. He was a nice person.

Professor. Dr. Karl-Heinrich Engesser

 University of Stuttgart/ISWA

I learnt a lot in his Lab. The first time, I heard about the UV filters was from him. In his lab, I started to work on bio-degradation of Benzophenon.

Dr. Kees Booij

Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research

He changed my academic life, my research view and somehow my life. Such hard working man who knows what he does. It was a great experience working my master’s thesis under his supervisory.

Dr. Kees Booij
Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Vogt

University of Stuttgart/IFK

He was always a supportive course director, I wish I would have listened to his advises more while I was a student there.

Dr. Xingmao Ma

University of Texas A & M

Dr. Ma, who made a big change in my academic life. Stories are still on the way…






Texas A & M University

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