People who inspired me

Apl. Professor. Dr.-Ing. habil. Günter Baumbach

University of Stuttgart/IFK

It was a pleasure to work closely as a research assistant for Professor Baumbach.

Professor Michael Melkonian

University of Cologne

He allowed me working in his Lab, it was my first research experience in Germany. It was an amazing opportunity to learn from his Lab students.

Professor. Dr. Karl-Heinrich Engesser

 University of Stuttgart/ISWA

The first time, I heard about the UV-filters was in his office. In his lab, I started to learn and work on the bio-degradation of UV-filters.

Dr. Kees Booij

Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research

He directed my academic perspective by supervising my master’s thesis.

Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Vogt

University of Stuttgart/IFK

His advice was just like gold, precious!!!. He was always a supportive course director.

Dr. Xingmao Ma
Texas A&M University
We worked hard together in several phytoremediation projects.
Dr. Janie Moore
Texas A&M University

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