2019, Scholarship Award from German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) for RISE Professional Program of North American Students; further study and training on Animal and Plants Metabolism Studies.


2019, National Institute of Health (NIH), Travel Grant, Hosted by American Phytoscholar Grant Program, To attend the 16th International Phytotechnologies Conference, Changsha, China


2018, Travel grant from Zachray Department of Civil Engineering, Texas A & M University for the 1st Pan American Congress on Nanotechnology.

2019, Awarded acceptance of the extended proposal for the National Science Foundation PIRE Flood Risk Reduction Program. Delft and Texas A &M University           aaa_special_award                                 

2017, Travel grant from American Phytoscholar Grant Program, 14th International Phytotechnologies Conference, Canada

2017, Travel grant from the National Science Foundation and Sustainable Nanotechnology Organization, 1st Pan American Congress, Brazil

2017, Rollins Family Fellowship, Texas A &M University

2017, Harold J. “Bill” Haynes Fellowship, Texas A &M University

2017, Student Recruitment Assistantship, Texas A &M University

2016, Grant-in-aid for providing the supplemental material of interaction of UV filters in chlorinated water, PI: Hamidreza Sharifan

2016, Travel grant from Buchanan Family Trust/Oklahoma State University, Student Water Conference, Still Water, OK, USA

2015, Student Recruitment Fellowship/Presidential Fellowship, Texas Tech University




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